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Develop the business and leadership at the same time!

A learning organization and a culture where you make each other better.


Short-term friction.
Long-term impact.

Change is not a walk in the park. But it doesn’t have to be so painful to so many, so often, as it is today. When you lead change or drive transformation, you have to grapple with uncomfortable questions, feelings, and situations. This is what we love the most. Not to see you or your organization struggle, but to utilize these situations as a constructive force for creativity, innovation, and empowerment. To help you turn frustration into learning. To guide you through the challenges with our proven approach – so that we together can transform short-term friction into long-term impact.


Real change.
That's learning.

Leadership development is not a passive process. Theory and tools are important, but to create lasting change, you need to work over time with the reality you aim to change. Having the opportunity to reflect on the situation with others, then act and reflect again, ensures that learning is a consequence of developing the organization. With nearly 50 years of experience working with ARL – Action Reflection Learning® – we know it delivers real and lasting results. For individuals and organizations.


The world's greatest purpose.
Always evolving.

A better world. Through better collaboration and better learning. That's what truly matters. It's incredibly difficult, yet at the same time, quite simple. Without collaboration, knowledge, and the ability to learn along the way, we will get absolutely nowhere.


How to contribute positively in change and transformation

The current business environment comes with significant changes for us all. Just take the climate challenges or AI as two examples. Changes that carry both challenges and opportunities for organizations, businesses, and employees. To be a positive force in contributing to this transition - and, in realizing opportunities that come with this effort, we need to radically work together and, be both optimistic and daring. It is to acknowledge the good initiatives that individuals, companies, and organizations undertake every day. And to relentlessly work with behavior, leadership and learning.


Develop your organization

It's rarely possible to make a straightforward and unambiguous analysis, and we know that things also change along the way. It's more about identifying a clear direction than pinpointing a crystal-clear destination.
We can assist in enhancing collaboration across boundaries, fostering engagement and job satisfaction with a high degree of involvement, trust, and innovation.

Develop your leadership

Developing one's personal leadership is about fully utilizing one's strengths. For that, you need self-awareness and understanding of how you can make your shortcomings work for you rather than against you. Growing as a leader means grounding in clarity about your values and who you want to be – as a leader and as a person.

Develop your management team

Management teams develop best by working with their real tasks. It is through the work that we get to know each other and recognize each other's abilities and competencies. Through a more conscious and reflective approach to the agenda, we enhance the team's trust and ability to effectively fulfill its mission.

Develop your organizational culture

Sustainable long-term cultural development only occurs if we evolve our way of thinking. About ourselves. About each other. About our operation. It's hard to see the chair you're sitting on yourself. That's why it's sometimes necessary to seek support from someone outside the organization. The culture is rooted in our values and is expressed in our actions.

Implement change together with us

We can be a good partner to you because we aren't overly confident about what needs to be done, but we are much more certain about how it needs to be approached. We don't have ready-made answers or packaged solutions, but we are adept at asking the relevant questions and collaboratively responding in a way that moves you forward. Leading the dynamics of change involves working integrally with both the technical and relational aspects of a transformation.

ARL – Action Reflection Learning®

Companies and organizations need to find faster ways to learn and evolve. According to us, the most effective method is to use the business's natural change processes as a platform and starting point – earning while learning!


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