Executive coaching – business development through dialogue

This is MiL Institute’s most exclusive coaching form. We offer a qualified coach with high accessibility and a wholly personalised contract between you. The focus for these discussions is the development of your business, analyses, checking out possible consequences and broadening perspectives, combined with a constructive review of your leadership style.

The professional leader’s dilemma

The professional leader brings in the complementary resources he or she requires. The principal support of this kind comes from within his or her own organisation. However, certain strategic questions such as major staff reductions, change of key staff and rearrangement of the management group are preferably discussed with someone from outside. Hence our offer of an executive coach.

Executive coach

An executive coach is above and beyond an ordinary discussion partner. He or she is an almost invisible yet highly qualified advisor. Someone with great personal integrity who dares to confront you and play devil’s advocate, not just a yes-man. The coach stands apart and is non-committal, and their contribution is indirectly noticed: in the executive’s behaviour – not via reports and presentations. The coach has his or her own extensive business experience, knowledge of how to broaden a top manager’s perspective and how clarity of insight translates into practical actions.

Tailor-made contributions

MiL Institute offers a complete, tailor-made design for finding the right coach and appropriate support structure. We begin by holding a longer introductory talk with an experienced person from MiL Institute to thoroughly map out your requirements. After that follows a meeting with the suggested coach to draw up a personalised design for the work: everything from brief telephone check-ins to full days one-on-one. This comes with a high degree of accessibility, the possibility to check out an upcoming situation more or less immediately with the coach. Normally the framework for the work covers a year at a time.

Our coaches

MiL Institute has worked with management training and coaching since 1977. The approach has always been based on managers’ own assignments at their place of work, and the actual issues they are facing – rather than from theoretical constructions and hypothetical situations.