MiL Institute provides you with a personal coach to give you support and promote your development. Someone who guides and helps you advance through a series of discussions.

Our smorgasbord

Variety of coaches

The choice of coach is crucial. If the relationship between you and your coach doesn’t work then no amount of competence can help – regardless of how highly qualified they are. MiL Institute therefore offers a wide variety of different types of coach as well as competence.

Competence in both discussion methodology and culture

All of our coaches possess the ability to allow for meaningful discussions along with having an intimate knowledge of managers’ everyday life, the dilemmas that often occur, conflict situations and ways of solving problems.

Finding a match in two stages

We begin with a longer discussion with one of MiL Institute’s senior qualified staff to map out the direction you need to take. This is free of charge. It is followed by an initial meeting with the selected coach, and there is still no obligation on your part.

Clear boundaries

When the first discussion with the coach is successful a contract is drawn up covering frequency of meetings and cost. Every meeting takes one and a half hours and takes the form of a personal one-on-one discussion or by phone or Skype.

Constant quality control

Guidance is always available for our MiL coaches, where they can discuss the experiences they have of change as well as receiving further training in three different deployments on ten different occasions during the year. In addition to this an evaluation is made at the end of each discussion series.

The results

What’s happened by the end of a discussion series with a personal coach? The discussions seldom leave a spectacular, dramatic impression. On the other hand there are usually lasting insights as well as broader understandings, which lead the customer to an enduring change in their conduct.The following changes have been observed in people we have coached:

  • increase in personal effectiveness.
  • greater awareness of use of time.
  • more passion and energy at work.
  • greater clarity about what is required.
  • dormant resources kick into action.
  • ability to be oneself even in difficult situations.
  • greater care taken of close relationships.

Our coaches

MiL Institute has worked with management training and coaching since 1977. The approach has always been based on managers’ own assignments at their place of work, and the actual issues they are facing – rather than from theoretical constructions and hypothetical situations.

Short Coaching

In certain cases, MiL Institute also offers Short Coaching. The aim and direction of short coaching are narrower and contain a larger element of advice and support than individual coaching. It is also shorter – limited to three or four sessions – but the length of each session is the same as that of individual coaching, i.e. you meet personally and in private for one and a half hours.