Individual development using all the group resources

Individual Coaching in Groups means that each person embarks upon their own developmental path in a group of six participants where they’re all working towards the same goal: being a better leader in their daily work.

Practical training and coaching

The aim is for the participants to gain a broader view of their leadership, to learn from their own and other’s experience as well as to discover that there exist many methods to develop ones attitude to and theory of leadership.

Structure of the program – this is how it works

There are six participants to each coaching group and one MiL learning coach. The coach has experience and knowledge of coaching, management, leadership and organisational development. Above all it is someone who is familiar with a leader’s everyday reality and working conditions. The learning coach’s role is to hold the framework for the group, to offer various educational working methods, continuously to come up with theories, models and work methodologies for a leadership context.

The group meets for eight days spread out over 8 – 12 months. The participants usually choose to meet the evening before the session, to enable them to enjoy a full working day. In practice it therefore becomes eight times twenty-four hours.

The participants organise the meeting venues themselves and choose the appropriate standard for their group. The sessions are frequently scheduled at one of their companies in order to familiarise themselves with each person’s workplace.

Each participant formulates a written learning contract in two parts: the first comprises those aspects of managerial challenges that they want to get to grips with at work; the other part is personal learning goals the individual wants to develop in their leadership role. Management tasks and learning goals are put together into one document for the group, this will be used for reference, to review and alter during the full coaching period.

Each meeting has a clear structure with repeated features such as checking in with everyone, reviewing the learning contract and specific requests arising from immediate work issues. Participants’ everyday reality takes centre stage. Added onto this are mini-lectures, practical leadership training and exchange of experiences from participants’ own circumstances.

Participants go for at least one study visit to a company with which they are not familiar. The idea here is to broaden their horizons, give them the opportunity to discuss issues with their peers in another company, and explore the similarities and dissimilarities with their own leadership situation.

Each participant is offered three private coaching sessions with the group’s MiLcoach. The first takes place before the group meets for the first time. The aim of this session is to get to know one another, to be informed about the structure of the coming meetings and to prepare his/her personal learning contract. The second meeting takes place before or after one of the group meetings, while the third is held after the series of coaching meetings is complete.

Individual Coaching in Groups combines the best of individual coaching – one-to-one dialogues with a personal coach – with the opportunities provided by group feedback, exchange of experience and practical leadership training. You will receive coaching from the others in your group at the same time as being able to develop your own skills at supporting another participant, training yourself in leadership coaching. Throughout the process you have the professional support of a MiLcoach.