MiL Institute works through long, qualified leadership development programs. The reason that our programs are long is that we work with the company's real challenges in order to produce concrete results on both personal and organisational levels. Leadership development cannot take place in isolation from business activity if it is going to contribute to changes in business activity, leadership, and culture.

Our working methods integrate leadership development and the development of business activity. Needs and desired results decide whether we focus primarily on leadership development or business development. Our goal is to contribute to making businesses more effective through a more cooperation-oriented leadership culture. This requires leadership that creates and develops trust and confidence.

Company-specific leadership development will help you to reach your goals and improve your chances of realising your vision and your strategies. But this will only happen if leadership development is integrated with other developmental activities within your organisation.

We work with leadership programs at all levels, from the first line to top-level management, including leadership development for specialists and project leaders.