As a first-level manager, you often become the manager of your former colleagues, and often you also become the manager of older and more experienced colleagues. This situation creates the need to develop a clear platform for your leadership that is built on a well-founded understanding of your organization and industry, of what motivates you and others, and of how to build team spirit and work with change.

Naturally, these things apply at all levels of management, but they are particularly important for first-time managers, who often need to be able to handle the transition from being “one of their colleagues” to becoming a supervisor. Leadership development for first-level managers needs to be adapted to the needs of the organization in question and its activities, and to give program participants the opportunity to work on their development opportunities in a systematic and structured way. To fulfil these criteria, we ensure that development activities for new managers enable participants to

  • create a solid and secure platform for their leadership, which means that they know why they want to become managers and have the necessary skills for managerial work
  • gain a better understanding of team leadership and how to develop highly productive teams
  • develop a better understanding of their organization - with its limitations and opportunities - as a whole, and to use this understanding as the basis for developing daily activities as well as for helping individual members of staff to develop
  • gain a deeper understanding of themselves and be able to put aside considerations of personal prestige so that they are able to make use of and generously share “best practice” in their organization
  • broaden their professional network within their organization