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MiL Institute has worked with facilitation and coaching of managers for decades. The approach has always been grounded in real life leadership or business tasks of the leaders and the context in which they operate rather than hypothetical scenarios. This hands-on experience is a wealth of knowledge for the coaching services that we offer today.

It might be about how to organize your business, how you can lead change, or how you can get more out of your organization or group. It might also be about you personally and what you want to develop. Perhaps you need support in collaborating more efficiently or in resolving potential conflicts and gridlocked situations.


Executive coaching, verksamhetsutveckling i dialogform.

Executive coaching

At the heart of the conversations are business development, analyses, consequence assessments, and broadening of perspectives, combined with personal dilemmas and opportunites to act.

Individuell Coaching i MiL

Individual Coaching

MiL Institute offers a coach for individual support and development. An person who, through a series of conversations support and challenge you in your leadership assignment. Together, the two of you create a space for reflection and growth.

Gruppcoaching i MiL

Team Coaching

The team could be an agile team, a project group, a development team, or a work crew. Our focus is on the team’s deliverables and how to function together. With the task at the center, the coach supports you in finding new paths and opportunities forward.

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