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Individual Coaching

Individual coaching for managers, leaders, and specialists

When you've decided to elevate your own professional development, a series of conversations with one of MiL's experienced coaches is a great starting point. Together, you create an undisturbed space for reflection and contemplation, offering insights from different perspectives and new pathways forward. It's an opportunity to pause in the midst of daily life and indulge in the luxury of someone else wholly focusing on your well-being and best interests.

Your conversation partner

MiL's coaches are seasoned professionals with extensive experience addressing the challenges commonly faced in organizations, regardless of industry. The coach supports you in trying out new ways to lead and to think. The coach support you in your own development and in contribution to the organisation. Essentially, they challenge and shake up your thought patterns in a caring manner, propelling the conversation forward. It can be through transforming theories, tools, and models put into actionable steps and tangible results in your daily life. Together, you explore in a curious and forward-looking manner. Your MiL coach is an excellent listener but also someone with whom you can bounce ideas with and consult during tricky challenges.

Introductory conversation

We begin with an introductory conversation to identify your needs and intention. Based on this, you are matched with a MiL coach. Together you agree on the scope and format of your meetings. The frequency of your meetings is determined jointly – it is common to meet once a month, perhaps more frequently to start with.

You decide on the focal point. Often, the subject revolves around personal leadership and how it manifests in your organization or team. It might also address a business matter that you struggle with where you feel the need for support to successfully navigate the situation. You work with dilemmas and reflections. Uninterrupted 90-minute conversations, digitally, over the phone, or in-person meetings in Stockholm, Gothenburg, or Malmö/Lund.


Contact Johanna Baagøe if you want to learn more or to book a time for a free introductory conversation.


Johanna Baagøe