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Development Nuggets

Development Nuggets

Sometimes there is a need for a shorter and targeted effort in a particular area. As a complement to your internal competence development activities or as pure replenishment. Here are a few examples of tailor-made activities and organizational simulations that we do together with our clients.

Tailored to your needs

We customize based on various leadership topics that make a difference for you and your team.

Leading change

An effort where we provide you with theories, tools and increase your skills in leading change. We improve your skills in facilitating both the human and the technical side of change. And how to successfully manage immunity to change.

Performance management

Steering with goals and KPI’s. With a trust-based approach. This initiative offers plenty of opportunities to practice “difficult performance and accountability talks”.


Team development. This effort provides you with insights, concrete tools and practical skills in how to turn your team into a high performing team.

Coaching Leadership

Take your coaching leadership to the next level. This effort provides you with insights, concrete tools and practical skills in actively using coaching as a manager and leader.

Completion Workshop

Completion Workshop offers a solution to the kind of complex issues that depend on a coordinated effort of different competencies and parallel operations. Issues that often risk being compromised and delayed due to constant interruptions and conflicting priorities. In the Completion Workshop, we gather the key personnel needed to address the issue under one roof and provide them with the conditions to get the job done. The method is based on an innovative collaboration between IKEA and MiL, where 25 selected experts were brought together to conclude on eleven pressing issues in a week's time.


Create a feedback infused company culture that inspire learning on an everyday basis. This effort provides you with tools and practical skills in giving and receiving feedback.


A bootcamp in design-thinking where we enhance your skills in designing innovative processes. At the same time as we work with a concrete company project in a creative manner with expectations of real and tangible results.

Mentorship program

We tailors the program, or individual seminars, to the organization's specific needs. Our unique expertise in ARL® promise a design that ensures tools and reflection while incorporating your business challenges.

Organizational Simulations

MiL Walkabout

MiL Walkabout

An simulation primarily conducted outdoors where reality and the participants’ personally perceived reality meet in a most interesting conjunction. This exercise highlights themes such as communication, planning, strategy vs. tactics, collaboration, meeting the unknown and taking action during high level of uncertainty.

The Cake Factory®

The Cake Factory®

A transition event for large groups that want to quickly move forward in a short amount of time on a specific issue. The Cake Factory is an ARL® process that includes, among other things, a tailor-made organizational simulation where we set up a factory from scratch. Themes that we address are company culture, change, collaboration, merger, communication and conflict resolution. Among other things.

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