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MiL Walkabout

MiL Walkabout is suitable for

  • Team development for management teams, project groups, work groups.


  • All staff within a company or department who wish to focus on a theme of communication and cooperation, e.g. an introduction to strategic work, preparation for a development process or change process.


To gain insight into group dynamics within a limited time and in an inspiring way.

Benefits of MiL Walkabout:

  • the importance of having a common vision, a common goal, and a strategy that is understood and accepted by all in a group.
  • realize the connection between meaningfulness, responsibility, participation, and engagement.
  • further deepen understanding of how own behavior affects the group and, individual group members.

Said about MiL Walkabout

The Cake Factory by MiL Institute Sweden“There was an effect in our group of 80 people in a very short time. We created a common picture of where we are now, a pleasant, shared experience that also gave us a common view on how we can go on. We will continue to work with this plan of action.”
Business Area Manager

“While working in the production line at Klippan’s Cake Factory, I had an aha-reaction. Normally, I sit in the management group but here I was part of production. I had the chance to see the management, or rather, the lack of it. (The management were having a meeting, were off on a course, and so on). I understod the significance of a leadership that is near, how important it is to communicate goals, results, etc. Still, production worked well without leadership. This also gives you a lot to think about. Perhaps the management has the wrong overall perspective.”
Managing Director

“Perfect, fitted us to a T. We discovered things about ourselves, gained a better understanding of how we act. During the second day, we continued working on developing new plans of action. I have participated in many types of organization games, but this one was for real, with all the emotions that arise in an authentic situation of change.”
Managing Director

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