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Bespoke leadership programs

Bespoke leadership programs

In our work, we address the actual challenges of the business to achieve tangible results at both organizational and individual level. Leadership development and company-adapted leadership programs cannot be isolated from the business. Together with us your leadership development will have positive impact on your operations and your culture at the same time as you develop your leaders and your employer branding.

Custom made Leadership Development

We integrate leadership development with business development. Needs and desired results determine whether we focus more on leadership development or on business development. Our aim is to help the business become more efficient through a collaborative leadership culture. This requires leadership that establishes and nurtures trust and confidence.

Company-adapted leadership development is intended to help you achieve your goals and enhance your ability to realize your vision and strategies. This cannot be accomplished unless leadership development is also integrated with other developmental activities within the organization.

We offer leadership programs at all levels, from frontline staff to senior management – including leadership development for specialists and project managers.


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First-Line Managers – Leading Employees

Leadership development for first-line managers provides participants with support in systematically and structurally addressing their individual development opportunities. Participants enhance their skills with a focus on leading employees, leading teams, and leading change.

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Program for Middle Managers – Leading Managers

Middle managers need to handle the “matrix complexity.” By this, we mean the need to lead and operate in the gaps – mobilizing the organization’s potential through increased collaboration across the various boundaries of the business.

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Program for Top Executives – Leading the Business

Being a top executive means addressing the business’s “wicked problems” – the issues that are critical from a long-term perspective. It involves operating at a higher level as a strategist, manager, and leader.

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Leading Support Functions

When the core business of an organization is transformed, the support functions are challenged. The need to develop leadership and strategic capability in HR, communications, IT, finance, etc., increases as the main logic of the business changes.

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