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Att leda medarbetare

First-Line Managers – Leading Employees

To lead employees

As a first-line manager, you often become the supervisor of former colleagues and many times of both older and more experienced colleagues. This creates a need to develop a clear foundation for one's leadership. A foundation that is built on a solid understanding of the business and industry, one's own and others' motivations. A foundation that assists in the transition from being "one of the colleagues" to becoming a supervisor.


Leadership development for first-line managers provides participants with support in systematically and structurally addressing their individual development opportunities. Participants enhance their skills with a focus on leading employees, leading teams, and leading change. Participants develop:

  • A secure foundation for their leadership – from which they know why they want to be managers and that they possess the ability to act as managers.
  • An increased understanding of team leadership and how to develop high-performing teams.
  • An increased understanding of the whole picture and enhanced competence to develop both daily operations and individual employees.
  • Greater self-awareness and an expanded professional network.


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