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Att leda stödfunktioner

Leading Support Functions

Leading support functions

When the core business of an organization is transformed, the support functions are challenged. The need to develop leadership and strategic capability in HR, communications, IT, finance, etc., increases as the main logic of the business changes. Support functions handle a wide range of both operational and strategic issues, and many struggle with the balance between supporting and directing the core business.

There is an increased need for support functions to collaborate better together. It is not about how, for example, HR and Finance, each on their own, can become even more efficient in supporting the business, but how they can collaborate with each other to develop effective support.

MiL Institute offers a variety of development programs and working methods to do just this.

Collaboration for more innovation and strategic elevation

A development initiative for support function managers may include the following content:

  • Managing the complexity of the support function role.
  • Actively participating in the strategic management team work.
  • Contributing to the core business's goals, results, and efficiency.
  • Analyzing and contributing with innovations based on environmental scanning.
  • Collaborating with other actors within and outside the organization.
  • Leading the own unit with specialist employees.


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