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Program for Middle Managers – Leading Managers

Customized Leadership Development for Middle Managers

Leading managers always means, in some sense, transitioning from a specialist to a generalist. Initially, the challenge often lies in letting go of the comfort of the specialist role and what has contributed to one's career, to more distinctly work through others.

The In-Betweens

Middle managers need to handle the "matrix complexity." By this, we refer to the necessity to lead and function in the spaces in between - to mobilize the organization's potential by fostering greater collaboration across the various boundaries of the business. This can be between units and departments, between different functions and professions. This demands a deep understanding of the bigger picture, effective communication, the ability to drive change, and managing power and legitimacy.

Dynamic Polarities

In essence, middle managers need to excel at navigating dynamic polarities - such as coordination versus autonomy, the whole versus the part, group versus individual, short-term versus long-term, change versus stability. We nurture the participants as strategists, managers, and leaders.


Participants evolve as strategists with an enhanced ability to convey direction and transform strategies into operational goals and action plans. They learn to look beyond the immediate, gauge trends and changes in the external environment, and consistently adapt the operations to new requirements.

Participants grow as managers with an augmented capacity to create added value by allocating resources, steering and monitoring work, eliminating obstacles, and setting the stage for others to excel.

Participants mature as leaders with a heightened capability to instill purpose for both themselves and others. They hone their skills to consciously shape the organizational culture and motivate employees to both achieve more and develop further.




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