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MiL Program for Experienced Managers

stor program erfarna

A leadership program at top management levels

The Program for Experienced Managers caters to those who are operative at top management levels, who deal with strategic issues and lead change processes. You need 5-15 years in leading positions. You demand that the time you invest in a development program will provide personal insight and growth, a broadened view of the world and a new network. You want to be inspired in your leadership and acquire new models and tools to develop your organisation, amongst other things so you can increase other people's involvement, competence and action orientation to an even greater degree.


What do you get from The MiL Program Experienced Managers?

You develop your personal insight

  • Increased insight into what motivates you, and what your strengths and weaknesses are.
  • Ability to reflect upon and further your personal development.
  • Awareness of your own patterns and ability to break them.
  • Balancing your private and professional life and making more conscious decisions.

You develop your ability to lead and communicate

  • Ability to coach, listen and communicate.
  • Develop a personally grounded theory for your own role as a leader, manager and strategist.
  • Resolve conflicts in a way that takes into account different perspectives, experiences and points of view.
  • Ability to lead and create participation in strategic change processes.

You develop your broader world perspective and strategic leadership

  • Develop new perspectives of trends and tendencies in your broader world analysis.
  • Models and tools for strategy, and organisation from a whole systems perspective.
  • Insight into other companies and organisations that interest you – increase your cultural knowledge.
  • Create and develop a learning organisation.

You have a marked effect on your own organisation

  • Work with the development of your own operations in a coaching group throughout the program.
  • Possibility of having an actual strategic dilemma at work examined from all angles.
  • Ability to develop – and sustain – well-fuctioning management teams.
  • You get more to happen in your company by further developing your action orientation.

You access an extended network

  • Trusting relationships in a valuable network of colleagues from other business sectors.
  • Access to the whole of MiL's network of people, resources and experts.
  • Possibility for inspiration and support in your leadership long after the program by MiL Alumni.


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