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MiL Personal Leadership

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Target group for MiL Personal Leadership program

MiL Personal Leadership* is especially for middle managers or project managers and those who lead others through change. Those who need to identify new opportunities in situations fraught with reorganisation and uncertainty. At work you and your colleagues need to look out for solutions that are off the beaten track. You feel a need to access your courage, integrity, your ability to improvise, your power of action orientation and empathy. Simply put: you need to access your personal leadership.

* Former known as The MiL Campus Week



As a participant in the MiL Personal Leadership program you increase your self-awareness, gain greater self-confidence, improve your ability to handle uncertainty and change. By greater insight into your own potential you formulate a vision for yourself with the aim of releasing your creativity and commitment.

You practise a coaching orientation that increases your competence which in its turn supports and inspires others. You achieve an increased understanding of how you influence others and the qualities you bring into your relationships as well as of the situations you take part in creating.

A network that grows during MiL Personal Leadership can provide excellent support in your everyday life as a leader. In addition MiL Institute offers further leadership development in the form of individual coaching or other leadership programs.

The result

”Discovering oneself. Understanding patterns, behaviour and getting some tools that help me move on.”
Responsible for resource area

”Concrete exercises and tools. What I take back with me to my job – my own development.”
Project Manager

”I’m still impressed by a schedule and delivery that brings together the three dimensions: theory/practice/self-awareness!”


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