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Företagsanpassad ledarskapsutveckling

Bespoke organizational development

Do you want to develop agency and self-leadership? Let us help you develop a culture where you uplift one another and become a learning organization. Where managers and employees are engaged and take responsibility.

Leadership development the MiL way addresses real-life dilemmas, organizational problems, and challenges which enhance the performance of both individual leaders and the entire organization.

We foster collaborative leadership that builds trust. That creates conditions for performance, counters bureaucracy, and unleashes the organization's potential through improved collaboration across internal and external boundaries.

Organizational development the MiL way engages, creates learning, and produces tangible results.

Förändringsledning och skickliga förändringsledare som kan driva nytänkande kring strategi, struktur, kultur och ledarskap.

Change & Transformation

Many organizations are in the midst of transforming their operations. In most cases, this is a direct consequence of digitalization. To succeed with these comprehensive changes, a reconsideration is needed in terms of strategy, structure, culture, and leadership. Often, there are more questions than answers.

Företagsanpassade ledarskapsprogram

Bespoke leadership programs

Custom made leadership programs by MiL Institute focus on prolonged, high-quality leadership development. The reason these programs are extended is that we engage with the business’s real challenges to achieve tangible results at both the individual and organizational levels.

ledningsgruppsutveckling utifrån det specifika behovet och utgår från ledningsgruppens uppdrag och agenda.

Executive Team Development

The ambition, and challenges, in many executive teams can many times be found in the following areas:
– Achieving internal efficiency within the team.
– Creating organizational efficiency.
– Developing strategic capacity.

MiL Coachning


Coaching at MiL means conversations with an experienced and insightful partner. A person who can offer new perspectives and viewpoints. A coach who help you move forward, discover new perspectives and not least get the job done.

Företagsanpassade uppdrag

Development Nuggets

Sometimes there is a need for a short and targeted effort in a specific area. It can serve as a complement to your internal competence activities or as pure supplementation.

Learning and development

L&D Support

With decades of experience in qualified L&D support for companies and not least in internal academies, we can be a competent partner for you. We are creative in design and confident in execution.

Let's explore if we can become an inspiring partner to you!

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