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Alenka Rosenqvist – MiL Foundation

Why does nothing happen? How to get impact from employee surveys – a new take


ONLINE – 22 November 13.00-15.00

Have you been working with employee surveys year after year and wonder why you do not create any big movement? Or have you maybe reflected upon how you should interpret the results of the survey? Or, do you just want to learn more about how you can get more out of existing surveys to drive more genuine change in the organization? Then this knowledge & experience workshop is for you. In this session Alenka will share the many meaningful aha-moments when testing Story telling surveys and comparing with the traditional question & answer surveys. She will problematize around the helping hand of AI interpreted data and share why it is most often neither helpful nor correct.

We will discuss how to balance the cold data from numbers with the warm data shared in comments to be able to catch a more holistic picture of where the organization is heading. Alenka will also discuss the insights on discovering that what employees describe and feel many times are caused by the structures. And, how to work with that. In this session where there will be space to reflect and discuss how we all could use employee surveys to drive more impactful organizational changes.


Alenka Rosenqvist

Alenka Rosenqvist has more than 20 years’ experience of leading and managing transformation at organizational level. As HR manager at Saab, IKEA and Electrolux, Alenka has worked to co-create and set the strategic direction, connect it with tactical decision-making and through operational action create a genuine movement for the business. Alenka has led projects, processes, innovation assignments in large & small organizations. Always with curiosity and action-reflection-learning in focus.


1000 SEK ex. VAT.
400 SEK ex. VAT. for MiL Foundation member companies.

This seminar i held ONLINE via ZOOM.


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Eugenio Moliní

Developing in organizations environmental, social, and personal resilience by using the SDGs and the IDGs


Stockholm 24 October 9.00-12.00

There are tensions among different approaches to the environmental and social challenges described by the Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs).

  • Some focus on the environmental SDGs, fundamentally on the development of technologies that will solve them.
  • Others prioritize the social aspects of the SDGs, emphasizing that no sustainability is possible without social justice.
  • Still others believe that before humanity can move towards the goals, inner personal capacities need to be developed. As the SDGs do not include these capacities, the Inner Development Goals (IDG) were developed.

Working in any of these three aspects and ignoring the others might seem initially like a good idea that diminish the sensation of overwhelming complexity, but each one of them is a simplification that eventually leads to its own dead end.

In this workshop Eugenio will share a way of working strategically and operationally on the three aspects – the environmental, the social and the personal – at multiple scales of system: the organization and its environment of operations, the teams and the people, the strategy and the tasks, …
Without succumbing to the complexity of the challenges.


Eugenio Moliní

Eugenio is an OD-consultant with a specialty to design and facilitate transformational processes in which success depends on the collaboration between parties with different perspectives, professions, cultures and even diverging interests.

Apart from his consulting practice, he is the initiator of GAIT, a network of Change Agents committed to support each other to increase the impact of their interventions, while at the same time diminishing the pain caused to those that will be affected by the changes and, avoiding putting themselves in harm’s way.

Eugenio works mainly in Europe but also in in Africa and Latin America, with a broad range of companies and organisations.


1800 SEK ex. VAT.
500 SEK ex. VAT. for MiL Foundation member companies.

United Spaces, Klarabergsviadukten 63, Stockholm


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