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MiL Membership

A membership in MiL provides you and your organization with access to a unique environment for innovation and knowledge development around organizational development and leadership. Here, representatives from academia, public, private, and non-profit sectors meet to explore, discuss and find interesting possibilities. This creates an arena for learning about the challenges we face today and the opportunities we want to work with tomorrow. By all actors actively contributing to a dynamic and developing membership, we challenge and develop ourselves and our organizations. We do this through various activities such as leadership conferences, workshops, open seminars, think tanks, experience exchanges, and networking meetings. As a member, you also receive a discount on our competence development activities. We can act as your L&D department in leadership and management development.

Our membership offer today

❶ An inspiring meeting place and a learning context for all employees, teams, leaders, and managers in the organization

❷ Free access to workshops, seminars, and networks

❸ Membership discounts on our open programs and individual coaching



How do I and/or my organization become a member?

Do you want to start and evaluate a membership in MiL for some time? Or, do you have other queries that you would like to discuss before making your decision?

Contact me for a discussion!

Alenka Rosenqvist, MiL Foundation


Alenka Rosenqvist