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ARL – Action Reflection Learning®

Action Reflection Learning

ARL – Action Reflection Learning®

From our experience, many companies and organisations would benefit from finding more impactful ways of working with change and transformation. Our belief is that the most effective method is to use the business' real change processes and challenges as a platform and starting point.

The MiL approach to learning is that we as humans primarily learn from our experiences in concrete and often practical situations. Nothing is as effective for learning as ’skin in the game’, feeling responsible for a concrete dilemma. We tend to learn more from what we do than from what we hear. And, put words to our experience. Theory created in practice.

ARL – Action Reflection Learning® is the MiL learning and developmental philosophy. It is a process and methodology invented by MiL Institute. It is an approach which allows organisations to develop leadership while developing the business and the company. Both And, at the same time. We call it ‘earning while learning’.

ARL® brings people together

Our approach is to bring the task to the center, bringing what is to be done in focus and design learning in relation to this. This means that development of leadership and organization become a consequence of getting the work done.

ARL® brings people together around real challenges to share information, generate new ideas, and find solutions to complex dilemmas. In ARL®, theory is developed by participants (inspired by the theories of others), here dialogues in seminars around concepts as well as the sharing of experiences are intertwined with practical application, here the actual dilemmas of practical business and organizational situations set the agenda. This is theory and practice interwoven, learning instead of teaching.


ARL – Action Reflection Learning® is to find your own, individual approach and method to think and feel based on your own experience and bring this learning to life in new situations. ARL® is to act, reflect and learn, three phases of a unit of work:

  1. Act, take initiative, experiment, test boundaries for my own capability. Action
  2. Reflect, explore what happens, change perspective, find ways to stop and critically scrutinize ones own set patterns of doing and thinking. Reflection
  3. Learn, verbalize and put words on ones new knowedge and experience into general concepts or models. Connect to research and theories and, bring ones understanding into new situations and everyday work. Tacit knowledge transformed to actionable and aware rules of acting and engaging, for the individual, the team or the organization. Learning

In this process it is crucial to be open to others, the ones involved in the situation at hand and external experts and thought-leaders that can bring knowledge and shed light on the situation. To do this without under-estimating ones one capability to interpret the situation and with the help of one’s common sense, one’s intuition and one’s analytical capability decide on the best course of action . with strength left to follow through on changes needed.

A learning philosophy and a proven methodology

ARL® is both a learning philosophy and a proven methodology that is internationally known and used. Invented by MiL, we hold many years of experience in a multitude of organisations and situations. And, we enjoy to develop the practice further with our clients and partners.