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Executive coaching, verksamhetsutveckling i dialogform.

Executive Coaching - Business development through dialogue

When you as a leader want just in time access to a sounding board partner, support, and challenges, there is an option for executive coaching. Here, we customize according to your needs, and you get access to one of our most experienced coaches. The partnership that is executive coaching can, in addition to coaching sessions, mean short weekly reflections, the opportunity for quick check-ins by phone, or a half or full day occasionally to dive into certain issues. The coach is there for you.

Your coach

The MiL coach is highly experienced and knowledgeable, an independent and loyal person who always has your best interest at heart. Someone who with courage engages in dialogue with you, supports you in exploring your essential questions. Someone who challenges and questions your arguments based on good intentions. A person you can call when needed.

Introductory conversation

Matching with the coach is done after an introductory conversation. You then meet for half a day to get to know each other and establish the foundation and focus for your collaboration.

At the center of the conversations are business development, analysis, consequence assessment, leadership dilemmas and broadening of perspectives. It is a combination of attention on business and its challenges and, your personal growth as a leader. You will be on a personal development journey.

The set up extends over one quarter at a time and has two price levels based on desired availability.


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Contact Johanna Baagøe if you want to learn more or to schedule a time for a free introductory conversation.


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