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Team Coaching

Team coaching may involve an agile team, a project group, a development team, or a work crew. We focus on the team's deliverables and how to function together. With the task at the forefront, the coach challenges you to find new paths and opportunities forward.

Efficiency and results combined with personal and team development. Based on real life dilemmas the team face, you are paired up with a suitable coach. The coach support you in establishing a trusting environment where you address matters related to collaboration, responsibility, a mutual understanding of the quality to be delivered, and how the team will achieve that together. Together with the coach, you decide on the scope and frequency of your meetings. We recommend at least a couple of in-person sessions and a plan spanning from four months up to a year.




Contact Johanna Baagøe for more information, quotation request, and matching with MiL Consultant.


Johanna Baagøe